Client’s performance review for 01.06 – 31.07

Imagining how our signals will look on your account, once applied correctly, can be somewhat of a difficult task for many of you. Which is why we decided to to share a REAL CLIENT’s Performance following our signals strictly for 2 months with rather high risk-reward ratio, that in the end played out perfectly for him.

The results we are about to discuss have been achieved by strictly following our signals for exactly TWO MONTHS, taking somewhat bigger that advised risk when going for our 1st Target Point. That did not stop our client and now friend Alie Darah from DOUBLING his account in this short period.

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First lets take a look at what was he able to achieve and how did his account perform during those 2 months:

  • He made a $1,000 deposit to this fresh account in the start of June 2019.
  • Account growth of 56%, resulting in a balance of over $1,500 by the end of the second month.
  • Maximum drawdown of $330 or about 26% of his account, following a high risk-reward strategy.
  • 66% profit trades (orders, as he was opening new trades for every TP once the previous one was reached)

Now lets see how did he achieve this, by taking a look at his risk/money management and TP taking:

  • He generally goes in with 0.1 Lots for every TP1, as we usually have a really high % of TP1 hits, more than 80% every week and up to 90% on monthly basis.
  • After his trade for TP1 gets closed due to TP1 being hit, he earns himself around $20 profit. (17 – 22pips).
  • He then proceeds to open a new trade for TP2 with a significantly lower lot size, around 0.05 – 0.03 depending on his own analysis we guess. He uses a not so tight SL of around 40 – 60pips from his new entry point (old TP1) and sets SLs at key resistance levels when opening a trade.
  • This helps him secure more than 1/2 of his profits from TP1, risking no more than around $6 – $8 per trade with 0.03 lot size. If (and in most cases does) the trade go to TP2 he earns himself around 30pips more which are usually around $8 – $11 depending on his lot size.
  • After this he goes for TP3 with the same tactic, always with 0.01 lot size.

In our humble opinion Alie definitely knows what he is doing and is always ready to learn more and adapt to the market’s conditions. We have kept a strong connection during those two months, helping him in all of this, guiding him and answering all of his questions.

We tend to advise customers to use lower lot sizes and follow good risk and money management strategies, very similar to what Alie has been using, but with rather lower lot sizes for accounts with such capital. He found out that this works best for him, adapted it to our signals and did the work needed to succeed.

We heard from him that he was planning on taking a month off during August and return back in September, as he withdrew his profits. Lets hope that once back he will want to share more of his experience with us. If you have been a long time customer of ours just like Alie, make sure to text us on Telegram and share your experience/thoughts.